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Gone are the days of simple pin locks and see-through keyholes. Our evolving world requires that automotive, personal and business security changes with the times. The Locksmith Guelph is now a security specialist, providing a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of clients who demand more sophisticated levels of protection. The modern Locksmith Guelph provides peace of mind for your automobile, your family and your place of business.

Sure, you can call a Locksmith Guelph if you’ve locked your set of keys in the car, but this modern security specialist can provide so much more. A transponder chip key dropped in the snow may be both lost and broken. Forget having your car towed to the dealership. A 24-hour Locksmith Guelph service can make a replacement key and deliver it to your waiting vehicle, getting you back on the road that same day. Broke that same key off in the ignition?

A Locksmith Guelph can extract the broken key and repair or replace the damaged ignition housing. Car keys can even be made on site, saving the time and trouble of traveling without a vehicle. Suppose your house key was on the same ring that you dropped in the snow. Not to worry, the Locksmith Guelph service also provides residential solutions.

If you’ve become locked out, a 24-hour Locksmith Guelph service can provide replacement keys on site. If you’re tired of your old deadbolts, new ones can be installed and rekeyed in your home. If you’re feeling less than safe in your home, the Locksmith Guelph can accommodate your demands for upgraded security. A wide variety of decorative and high security lock and key combinations are available to satisfy your needs for increased protection.

Locksmith Guelph services extend to your place of business as well. Commercial services include installation and re keying, high-security and electronic locking mechanisms, fire and panic hardware, access control and, of course, lockout service. Locksmith Guelph can upgrade your current equipment to provide state-of-the-art lock and key combinations, ensuring the security of your commercial properties and holdings. Electronic locks can further enhance access restrictions, while fire and panic hardware will protect against fire and theft.

Available twenty-four hours a day, a Locksmith Guelph service will insulate your business from the many hazards that can and do befall commercial properties. Any successful business venture must be prepared for inevitable threats of fire and theft. The modern Locksmith Guelph service provides the basic lockout service as well as the more advanced security and protection needs that business demand.

The lock maker must stay steps ahead of the thief, as the security specialist must stay steps ahead of the threat. The modern Locksmith Guelph does both, through the use of expanding technology and personalized service. For the auto, home or business, Locksmith Guelph have the equipment and expertise necessary to provide safety and security in an ever-changing and uncertain world. Avoid being locked out from your peace of mind. Call your Locksmith Guelph.

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