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A modern locksmith Newmarket service is very different from the traditional locksmiths, who simply break locks and make keys. Modern locksmiths specialize in providing variety of services related to security, locks and keys.

In addition to installing, repairing and making locks they can also make duplicate keys. However, these are not the only services that they perform. Locksmith Newmarket who specialize in master key system can design security systems that use master keys.

Master key security systems are often used in big institutions or companies that have lots of employees. Such a security system will have a grand master key, which can open all the locks in the building or institution. Then there will be a set of keys which can only open specified locks. These master keys are given to specific managers or heads of departments to ensure that only the assigned people have access to that particular area. For example, the bank manager might be given the master key to ensure that only he/she has access to the locker area.

A Commercial locksmith Newmarket who specializes in providing master key security systems will customize each lock to ensure that only those who have the keys are able to open the lock.

Locksmith Newmarket also specializes in installing all types of safes both in commercial and residential establishments. These locksmiths can often be found working for banks, institutions and locksmith companies. Their services are often required to install or repair vault doors, safe deposit boxes, time locks and teller equipments.

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