When it comes to preventing burglars from entering your home, the basics make the biggest difference. Learn how to secure your doors and windows with the help of a residential locksmith King City.

In some cases, the best solution is also the most obvious one. It may sound obvious, but according to the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), 28 percent of the total burglaries committed were no-force entries. This means that in more than a quarter of burglaries that year, the thieves simply opened an unlocked door or window and went straight in.

The total burglaries accounted for millions in lost property, and the average loss amounted to at least 1000 per victim. It’s worth noting that more than half the percentage of residential burglaries took place during the day. So what does all of this tell the typical homeowner about the typical thief? Firstly, it sends a message that most thieves prefer to work when no one is around. Since not all of us are privileged to quit jobs, lay all day, waiting for the burglar’s arrival, some steps need to be taken to reinforce our home’s defenses. There’s no better way to start than to call a Locksmith King City.

It’s a common fact that if a determined burglar wants to get inside your home, he or she will sooner or later. However, you can make it an uncomfortable and challenging experience for them. To do this, you have to think like an average criminal. Walk around your home and ‘survey the scene.’ Look for signs of weakness, where a thief could most easily gain entry. Begin with the locks of your home. It’s recommended that your door have at least one deadbolt lock installed by a locksmith King City. 24 Hour Locksmith King City, for instance, ideally use a double cylinder lock, one that needs a key on either side of the door. This is especially true with doors that have glass panes within three and a half feet of the door knob. In this situation, a thief can simply break the glass and reach in to unlock the deadbolt, especially if it’s equipped with a turn knob instead of a keyhole.

Since they can trap a person inside his or her burning home, in some areas, the use of double cylinder deadbolts violate the fire code and thus can’t be installed by a locksmith. Locksmith King City recommend replacing your glass-paned door with a solid one if double cylinders are unlawful in your part of town.

Solid wooden doors with metal sheathing outside or solid metal doors, along with a peephole, are most favorable. However, keep in mind that your door is only as good as the frame that holds it. Acquiring a solid metal frame can make it harder for a burglar to kick your door frame right off the surrounding wall. Nevertheless, making your home an uneasy target for burglars doesn’t start and end with just simply locking your doors.

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