Locksmith Waterloo Efficient Lock Service

Locksmith Waterloo Efficient Lock Service offers the full range of locksmith service for all your home, office and / or car needs, 24/7. Our Locksmith Waterloo Efficient Lock Service complete range of lock services means that we can offer you lock installations for just about any type of lock on the market including, mortise locks, cylinder locks, deadbolts. Locksmith Waterloo Efficient Lock Service can even offer multiple options for key-less entry and biometric door locks.

Locksmith Waterloo Efficient Lock Service

Locksmith Waterloo Efficient Lock Service

Typically, we do new lock installations for different styles of wooden doors. However, we are able to provide lock installations on a wide variety of door types. The process will vary slightly depending on the door and lock types.

When we install a new lock, this requires us to cut and drill in the door and the door frame. We do this using precise measurements and special tools needed for your specific door material. First, we measure and mark. Then, we cut holes for the lock and/or knob and drill a hole in the door edge for the lock faceplate. Next, install the faceplate and the bolt, making sure everything is aligned perfectly. After that, we install the lock and/or knob and install the strike plate. Finally, we provide you with new keys to match your new locks. And we can duplicate as many copies as you prefer. Just keep in mind that the more keys you have the more chances they will get lost or stolen.

Do you carry around a ring full of heavy keys? Is valuable time wasted searching for the right key? If you answered yes, master key locks may be right for you. Offering state of the art systems, our professional commercial locksmith experts can bring your locks into the 21st century.

We do more than just sell and install your master key system. Our professionals are excited to provide all of your lock system needs. We are also proud to offer:

  • 24-hour locksmith assistance
  • Mobile locksmith services that come to you
  • Emergency locksmiths when you need help fast

This is all provided by fully licensed, bonded, and insured technicians with years of experience. We are ready and waiting to fix your lock emergency with a smile.

Give Locksmith Waterloo a call for expert master key lock services and so much more. We are here 24 hours a day!