Locksmith Waterloo Business Door Control

Locksmith Waterloo Business Door Control is achieved through installing high safety locks that can control the entry to your business. Locksmith Waterloo Business Door Control will also install also panic bars, monitoring systems and anything else that fits your needs and budget. Call for our Locksmith Waterloo Business Door Control service at any time. We are here 24/7, local and mobile and always ready to help.

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Locksmith Waterloo Business Door Control

Locksmith Waterloo Business Door Control

Business door control can also be achieved by having key control, that is simply knowing how many keys are outstanding, who has those keys, and what locks those keys will access. Most keys are easily duplicated just about anywhere you care to take them-even department stores! “Do Not Duplicate” won’t stop someone from getting additional keys.

Do you give keys out to employees? Do you mind if they have copies made? Does marking “DO NOT DUPLICATE” really keep people from getting additional keys? When you need to absolutely, positively need to know how many keys have been made to work your front door, give us a call!

We have ways of helping you do this. Have patented designs will mean that only authorized dealers can have access to the blanks. We have several types of keys that insure that nobody can get unauthorized copies of keys. In most cases the cost is not much more than that of a simple lock re-key. Usually all that is needed is to replace the cylinder portion of the lockset.

Restricted keys and locks are only half of the key control solution. Being able to know who has what keys and what those keys operate is the other half and just as important. We have available computer software programs that will track who has what keys and what locks they are able to access.

Our teams are always mobile, fully stocked with tools and supplies and ready to come to your help. Calling for out help will ensure having one of our teams at your door in about 15 to 20 minutes, no matter when you call. Call Locksmith Waterloo now for a fast service. Call us 24/7!