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Locksmith Saint George

Locksmith Saint George

It is very important for all exterior doors and windows to be as well protected as possible.When looking for the best home security door locks, choose ones that use a strike box instead of just a strike plate. You can also replace any brand of existing strike plates with more secure strike boxes without needing to change the locks themselves.

Special building code statutes that are written for front door locks exist in some areas. Examples of this include rental properties that require a deadbolt for the doors.

The best type of home security lock a homeowner can install is called a deadbolt. The mechanism of a deadbolt offers much more security than regular, spring-pressured locks. With the standard doorknob locks, all anyone has to do is release the pressure on the spring and open the door. With a deadbolt it would be necessary to remove the entire lock from the door in order to get inside.

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How do dead-bolts work? This type of home security door lock uses a steel ‘throw’ or bar, that protrudes from the lock cylinder through the door and into the doorjamb for an inch or more. The cylinder requires actual cycling in order for the throw to exit the doorjamb and open the door. This makes the door more resistant to forced entry and picking.

If you want a dead-bolt for a front door lock, they come in a number of different varieties. Some are vertically oriented, which makes the door even more resistant to forced entry. Others have two cylinders, which require the turning of two keys simultaneously. The double lock offers the most secure lock possible.

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