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Some movies make fun of urban security, showing people in apartments that have a dozen deadbolt locks on their doors. When it’s time to get Locksmith In Oakville to install a deadbolt in your door, you’ll get the best service by contacting Xpress Locksmith Oakville.

Deadbolts are different from the locks in doorknobs. Standard locksets usually have a spring to operate the bolt when the door opens and closes. This makes them much easier to force open, according to the experts at Locksmith Oakville.

On the other hand, deadbolts work by extending a piece of metal into a plate in the doorframe. A deadbolt offers more security simply because its bolt can be heavier, since it doesn’t have to retract quickly like a spring-bolt lock. A deadbolt strengthens the connection between the door and the frame, resulting in a secure lock that requires much more force to break.

Even with this elemental knowledge of deadbolt security, homeowners and apartment dwellers can be confused by the wide variety of deadbolts available to secure their homes.

For instance, a common model is the single-cylinder deadbolt, which uses a thumb latch or twist knob to turn the bolt into the doorframe. Another model is the double-cylinder deadbolt, which requires keys on both sides to open and close the lock. There’s also an exit-only deadbolt, which only opens from inside the dwelling and can’t be unlocked from outside. Some designs use a pushbutton to extend the deadbolt into the frame.

Which variety will provide the best protection for your situation? That’s the question that Locksmith in Oakville can help you answer. They can go over with you the various patented deadbolt models, including brands with technology that prevents “bump keys” or jimmies from breaking the lock open. (A “bump key” is a device that uses force to trick a lock into opening without a proper key).

When you’re ready to contact Oakville locksmith to install a deadbolt for you, look no farther than Xpress Locksmith Oakville.

Locksmith Oakville offers you customized service at affordable prices that starts when you call a courteous, attentive customer service representative to set up an appointment. They’ll dispatch a licensed professional Oakville locksmith to consult with you on all your security needs.

If you need urgent assistance, a technician often can be with you within 30 minutes of your call. The locksmith will inspect all your exterior doors to determine what size and type of lock best suits your needs. Then the locksmith will go over your options and you can have upgrade security within hours.

Locksmith Oakville is bonded, licensed and insured, so there’s never any worry about the security of its service. Work performed by this Oakville locksmith comes with a year warranty on labor and parts. Plus, Locksmith Oakville will make sure that you’re 100 percent satisfied with your installation.

Finally there’s no need to stress over repairs or getting locked out. This locksmith in Oakville  is available to help you in any emergency, 24/7/365, at no extra charge.

You know you’ll be sure with deadbolts and other locks installed by Locksmith Oakville.


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