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Locksmith Newmarket – Mul-T Lock Rekey – How Often You Should Rekey Your Mul-T-Lock

One of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to enhance the security of your home or business in Newmarket is to rekey your locks. Whether you own a rental with a new tenant or you’ve lost your business keys, a simple rekey can prevent older keys that have been issued from working in those locks. If you have a Mul-T-Lock cylinder, however, you may never need to rekey your locks ever again. Here’s why.


Mul-T-Lock Keys Provide Top Security Protection – Locksmith Newmarket – Mul-T Lock Rekey

Key fraud is a major issue that is never really discussed outside of the Locksmith Newmarket – Mul-T Lock Rekey community – or your locksmiths in your city, that is. For a standard lock, Average Joe can walk into a key-making facility and ask for a copy to be made. Then they can walk out with a fresh key and your security will be compromised.Locksmith Newmarket - Mul-T Lock Rekey

With Mul-T-Lock, you get 7 ways to protect yourself against key fraud. All keys have registered ownership. That means keys and their owners can be tracked. If you aren’t requesting a copy, then the authorized dealer will refuse to make the key. Without the security card for your key, even you won’t get a copy made.

Mul-T-Lock keys cannot be copied on a standard key cutter either. This means they can’t be counterfeited using photographs of an older key. When combined with the patented floating pin technology that is in each key and the patented key profiles, you’ve got top security protections.


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When Rekeying a Mul-T-Lock May Be Necessary – Locksmith Newmarket – Mul-T Lock Rekey

If you lost your key and you concerned that someone else might have a key to your business property.

You might also consider rekeying your Mul-T-Lock if you own a rental property and the previous tenant has walked off with a set of keys. If you have loaned out keys and do not know where they are, then rekeying your lock can help you maintain the level of security that is desired.

Unlike other locks, however, there is a good chance that you can rekey your own lock. Contact us at Newmarket Locksmith today for more information about lock rekey service,  and how it can be used to your advantage.

Otherwise, the Mul-T-Lock is not like the $20 special that you’ll find down at the local hardware store. Unless you believe that someone who holds a key that has already been made will try to access your locks, there is no need to rekey your Mul-T-Lock. That is because the high security solutions that are provided by this lock and key combination allows you to maintain key control very effectively.

Mul-T-Lock puts their products through rigorous testing protocols to make sure they are one of the best security solutions you can have for your property today. Featuring the highest security ratings against lock picking, drill resistance and lock snapping, your preferred Locksmith Newmarket Mul-T Lock Rekey can help you install a lock that you may never need to rekey.