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If you’re worried about the security of your existing locks (like many people), you might think about upgrading. Many conventional locks are not as safe as you think. Raise the input, the method of manipulation of the cylinder is used by some thieves, you can let your existing locks to be opened from the outside, and there are a number of other selection methods, too.

To avoid this problem, invest in high-security locks. They find stable, thematic Bump proof technology, and the keys can not be duplicated by anyone. Here’s some more information about high security locks and their benefits.

There are several types of locks high security, but one popular is Medeco High Security Locks. This company has developed its unique design in the late sixties, using a lifting and turning the pins in combination with angled key cuts. It gave millions of possible combinations of keys, and created a new, unparalleled level of security. Corner key abbreviations have been used to rotate the unique pins, and use the side bar and hardened steel inserts created a cylinder, which could withstand virtually any attack. The official formation of Medeco came after the creation of the castle, and the company will soon set the standards for key controls and high security locks.

These unique angled cuts, combined with the cylinder design, are protected by a patent for utility model, which allowed only the production of these amazing Medeco high security locks. As long as the patent manufacturer can be supported, it is possible to control the keys that can be made to prevent new keys made for locks. Residential Locksmith Guelph can easily install these high security locks for you, wherever needed.

If you ever come back to your house just to figure out you have lost your keys or cannot find them, give locksmith Guelph a call. Our Locksmith technicians are available at all hours and any day. We are 24 Hour Locksmith Guelph, here to serve you and make you feel safe and protected. We can install all locks for you as well as other security measures such as CCTV. For any locksmith service, contact us and we will be on our way!

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