Locksmith Burlington Locks Re-Key Support

Locksmith Burlington Locks Re-Key Support provides all of the equipment we need to perform a full re-key on site, even for multiple locks in one visit! No matter what your needs are, Locksmith Burlington Locks Re-Key Support is capable of taking care of them, and we are available 24/7 — even on holidays. Call for our Locksmith Burlington Locks Re-Key Support when you need our help, day or night!

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Locksmith Burlington Locks Re-Key Support

Locksmith Burlington Locks Re-Key Support

Re-keying is a highly technical process that you will want a qualified professional locksmith for. Our entire staff of technicians are licensed, bonded and fully trained in this procedure. Our mobile locksmith van is always ready and fully equipped to come to your help.

Re-keying keeps most of the mechanism of the lock in place. The internal configuration of the lock is simply changed to accept a different key. You are probably familiar with the basic operation of a mechanical lock, in which each point on the key is at a specific height to align with the tumblers in the lock. Re-keying simply adjusts these positions inside the lock. A new set of keys is then made for the lock, and the old keys will no longer open it.

Since no hardware is being changed, a re-key costs significantly less than a complete replacement of a lock. Our team also has the entire equipment ready in our mobile locksmith service vans to quickly perform re-keying on site. You can rest assured that all members of our professional locksmith staff are familiar with performing this technique on all different kinds of mechanical locks.

If you have lost a key, had a key stolen or had a key go unreturned by a former tenant, a re-key will address the existing security issue without the expense of a full lock replacement.

Additionally, some people like to have all of the locks in their house re-keyed so that one key opens everything. It is also possible to set up a “master key” system in which one key opens every lock, but other keys only open specific locks.

If you are moving in to a new home or if you have a room-mate moving out, a re-key is going to be the least expensive form of peace of mind for your locking system. Landlords also generally find a re-key to be a much simpler solution when tenants change over or when they are required to change a lock for a current lease holder.

Any time in need of a re-keying process, call Locksmith Burlington. Call us 24/7!