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Locksmiths are people who will assemble and designs locks and their respective keys. They are licensed to make access, repair and install keys and locks. By getting educated in the respective trade school that offers certificates in this trade, enables any locksmith to get license. The history of locksmith from the ancient times and the way how it gained more significance in today’s security industry are explained in brief detail:

Lock and keys had its existence before the birth of the Christ as they are mentioned frequently in the Old Testament and in mythology. Ancient Egyptian culture has an interesting history of Locksmith Guelph. The first lock and key which were made of wood involves lot of pains taking accuracy to make it to use. Therefore first locksmiths were really artisans who had great skills in performing the tasks with their hands and a patient demeanor.

During the medieval times blacksmith made locks, keys, battle items and other things from iron. As there was more demand for lock and keys in the medieval period there arise the need for an expert who made nothing but keys and locks. By the end of Middle Ages the blacksmith took the lead in producing these items. Locksmith Guelph sets about designing locks so that the cost and strength of locks linked to the value of what they are protecting.

In the 14th century an association of locksmith were created and one has to create and submit a working lock and key to the guild. So everyone to become a master locksmith some beautiful lock and keys came into the market without any technological or security advances. By 17th and 18th century lock smith business had gained more popular in Europe and the American colonies which results in more elaborate key and lock systems that provided more security which includes the first dead bolt locking system and the first combination locks.

During Second World War locksmith focus primarily on the war and they had become the most priceless commodity. As the cities and towns are advancing with latest technologies, by the 19th and 20th centuries the demand for keys and locks grew faster and the locksmith were able to open their own shops. It leads to more and more inventions in locking system which had been still used today in order to meet the security requirements in the society. Today they sell, maintain and repair locks and also create copies of locks, replace lost keys and open locks when needed by applying their skills in metal work, woodwork, mechanics and electronics.

The present locksmiths are also proving their expertise in providing various security systems apart from Guelph locksmith services which may include inter-coms, home safes, and gates windows and secure door with latest reader like finger print readers. This had made the locksmith an important part of security as security and safety are the essential parts of our life as we are living in a more violent and insecure world.

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