Emergency Locksmith Cambridge Fast Help

Emergency Locksmith Cambridge Fast Help knows that key control is a crucial security concern, for home and business owners as well. If you have no knowledge about who has the keys to your establishment, call Emergency Locksmith Cambridge Fast Help. Once you call Emergency Locksmith Cambridge Fast Help we will help you to have peace of mind, by re-keying locks or replacing them with high security ones. Call us 24/7!

Emergency Locksmith Cambridge Fast Help

Emergency Locksmith Cambridge Fast Help

Our locksmiths can replace your exterior lock cylinders with a limited key way variety to prevent other people from duplicating your keys. Our business locksmith can also install biometric locks that require a retinal or fingerprint scan. There are key fob systems that can be installed for added security

Our mobile locksmith can create keys and re-key locks on site. Having a master key system is a good idea as it allows you to access all the offices in the business; while limiting your employees to just their own areas. If that’s what you want, we can create a master key system for you.

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Our locksmiths can install or repair emergency exit devices. If the projected occupancy is above a particular level, an  exit device is mandated by law. For instance, if a restaurant’s bar door is considered an emergency exit, it should have a panic bar; to let people exit the establishment by simply bumping up against the tool.

If a small business considers the door an exit, a single function lock should be installed. This lock has a lever handle and a deadbolt. When the lever handle is pressed down, both locks release at the same time. Compared to a panic bar, a single function lock offers more benefits ;as it maintains the emergency door requirements and provides the security of the deadbolt. Regardless of the kind of lock you need, you can expect us to install it for you.

Our mobile locksmith can also install, adjust or replace a door closer. If the door doesn’t close completely or properly, all security measures you’ve implemented are no good. A door closer ensures that the door closes properly and completely.

A broken lock can compromise the safety of your office and employees as well as customers. We can also cut and duplicate new keys for you. Trust our locksmiths to fix your problems with your keys and locks in no time at all. Emergency Locksmith Cambridge Fast Help will arrive at your office with all the parts and tools to get the job right the first time. Call us 24/7!