Auto Locksmith In Richmond Hill Glossary

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The following is an A-Z auto locksmith Richmond hill glossary of terms that are related to 24-hour auto locksmith services.

Auto– usually used in reference to passenger vehicles that are designed with a diesel or gasoline internal-combustion engine, having four wheels for operation on ordinary roads.

Blade – is the portion of the key that contains the millings and/or cuts.

Cylinder –is an operating unit consisting of tumblers, a cam/tailpiece, springs, plug shell, plug retainer and other operating parts of a lock.

Door Closer– is a device that can be pneumatic or hydraulic, for controlling door closing and keeps it from slamming.

High Security Lock– is a high-quality lock that is designed to give ultimate protection and guard against break-in entry tools and methods.

Ignition– is the process by which fuel in the cylinder is ignited.

Ignition Key– this is the key that activates an automotive engine’s ignition switch.

Key– this our every-day metal instrument that is specially cut and designed to fit in a lock and remove its bolt.

Keyless– meaning it requires no key. A keyless system or lock can be operated using codes, or push buttons combinations.

Lock– is a device that is used to fasten, close, hold or secure a door or other device or hardware. It can be operated or opened using a key, keycard, combination or other means.

Lock Change– is to take an existing lock and replace with a new lock.

Lock Installation– is to put a new lock where there was none.

Passage Lock– is used for convenience purposes only and is a simple handle with no locking cylinder.

Pin-is a short, stiff, straight, piece of wire that has a sharp point and a blunt head that is used for fastening.

Rekey– altering the combination of the tumblers in an existing lock, such that the new combination is only opened by a new key and the old key no longer works on the “new” rekeyed lock.

Technician– is a person skilled and trained in the specific technicalities of a subject.

Transponder– is an auto key that has an electronic component that converts signal into electrical current and the key transmits a code that is unique in return. It is also defined as a radar/sonar transceiver or radio transceiver that automatically sends a signal once it receives an incoming signal.

Tumbler– found in locks. Once it is released or lifted by key action it will allow the bolts in the lock to move.

VAT System– was used in autos, especially before the year 2000. VAT is the acronym for ‘vehicle anti-theft’ and was a security system for the auto.

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