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24 Hour Locksmith Woodstock Local

24 Hour Locksmith Woodstock Local

Everyday locks, such as those found on everyday doors , office mailboxes and cabinets, get a lot of use.  The more use a lock gets, the more important it is to have that lock functioning properly. Changing the locks on a mailbox or cabinet is similar to changing the lock on a door, with a few important differences.  The largest difference is usually in the mechanics of the lock.  Where a door lock usually retracts a bolt to open, the plug of the key in most mailboxes and cabinets is fixed to a bar that rotates with the key turn.

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The first step in replacing the lock is to open the locked door, mailbox or cabinet. For a standard office mailbox, there may be an additional key that is held by the manager. If the key has broken in the lock, or is missing, the lock can still be opened.  There will be a pin on the lock either turned facing up or to the side. This pin is removed, most often manually and the lock can be removed from the hole.

 The new lock is then inserted into the hole and a new pin is placed to keep the lock secure.  If the bar that is bolted to the lock is too long to be slid in with the lock, it may need to be unfastened.  Once the plug of lock is secured to the bar and the pin (or secondary nut) is replaced, the lock is ready for use.

Our services are offering fast help to you when locks fail or break. It is important to replace them quickly and correctly in order to protect your office. We will make sure that first thing is to remove the current lock.  For dead bolts, we will have to make sure the system is off. Our team will have the necessary tools for door knob locks; such as a catch tool, a spanner, and more.

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