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24 Hour Locksmith Waterloo Help

24 Hour Locksmith Waterloo Help

Many conventional locks aren’t as safe as you would think. “Bump keying”, in use by some thieves, allows your existing locks to be open from the outside. There are a number of other picking methods, too. To avoid this problem, invest in high security locks. They are pick resistant, feature bump proof technology. Their keys can’t be duplicated by anyone. Here is some more information about high security locks and their advantages.

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There are a number of high security locks, but one popular one is made by Medeco High Security Locks. This company developed their unique lock design in the late sixties. They did use elevating and rotating pin tumblers combined with angled key cuts. This provided millions of possible key combinations, and created a new level of security. Angled key cuts rotate unique bottom pins in the lock. The use of a side bar and hardened steel inserts creates a cylinder that could resist almost any kind of attack. The official formation of Medeco came after the development of this lock. The company has the highest standard for key control and high security locks.

These unique angled cuts, together with the cylinder design, allow only Medeco to product these amazing high security locks.

The use of utility patents for key control solutions is very successful and now they have a newer design. This lock design, uses the rotating and elevating tumbler design. As a result, it has greater master keying capability. Double cuts on the keys, with special offset tips on the lock pins, makes it even more secure. The hard steel inserts are gaining more strategic place, making physical attack almost impossible.

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