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24 Hour Locksmith Ayr

24 Hour Locksmith Ayr

Most old models of sliding windows are easy to remove – even when they are locked. You could probably do it yourself – just take the window off its frame. Burglars who do this professionally can get rid of a sliding window in a matter of mere minutes, not making the tiniest sound in the process. The newer models are not very different, and burglars are already perfecting better ways to break through them.

Consider not installing sliding doors at all in those parts of your house that can be easily accessed from outside. If, for example, you are considering installing sliding doors in your balcony, make sure the exterior of the balcony is protected with grills (a precaution you might want to take anyway if the balcony is high above the ground or you have children). Sliding doors should be secured with secondary grills wherever possible.

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Always lock doors properly when you head out. If, for example, your door has a latch and a deadbolt, make sure to lock the deadbolt, and not just a latch. This may take some time of your busy, hectic morning, but do remember that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Never leave doors open in the night. Many people feel secure that their neighborhood is a low-crime area, that there have been no crimes in may past days in their area, and there is thus very little risk of a home invasion.

It is good practice to always lock all your doors and large windows when you go to sleep. Small windows may be left open for ventilation. If you have pets that go out at night, such as dogs and cats, you should install small cat flaps in your door. Train your pets to use these exits, so that you don’t have to keep your doors open at night.

Consult our locksmith to have your locks upgraded.

Many old locks are nothing more than child’s play in the hands of a professional burglar. They have many ingenious devices, such as skeleton keys and even the good old hair clips, to get past these locks.

So you should consider consulting our professional locksmith to upgrade your locks. Especially if your lock models are really old and obsolete. Changing locks is an investment that may well save your valuable possessions someday.

Additionally, it will make you feel secure when you are away from home for a long time, such as on a work trip or vacation.

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