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Stratford Locksmith will cover all the lock and key service range from simple locks to complex security system including alarm and camera systems. Stratford Locksmith team will come to your place in 15-20 minutes and provide a fast service. Call Stratford Locksmith for a speedy and reliable help. Call us 24/7!

Stratford Locksmith

Stratford Locksmith

Locksmiths are around for a long time. The number and kind of services we provide are many. In the past, a locksmith was providing locks and keys. Now, that responsibility falls on manufactures and locksmiths can offer other services. There are many different types of locksmiths services that we offer.

Our technicians will install locks and make extra keys for individual customers. We will work with businesses to develop key card entries. We repair lock systems that are not working correctly in a building.

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Emergency services are many and they are important ones; from assisting a locked out home owner to repairing and re-keying locks; opening up a locked house and, in the event of a break-in, the installation of deadbolts and other security measures;  keep unwanted persons from getting into the home. Our professional locksmith can and should be able to respond to any kind of an emergency.

Services Available to home owners or renters

Our locksmith are offering many different types of services. We repair, replace and install any kind of locks. We offer any and all kind of security services. These include:

– 24-hour emergency service
– Repair, re-keying and replacement of locks
– Making master keys, copy keys or replace keys
– Emergency lock-out help
– Installation and repair of deadbolts
– Installation of high-security locks
– Safe repair
– Theft management and installation of security systems

We will install lights, motion detectors and computer security systems. Our professional locksmith service  offers to a home owner or renter all locksmith services. Home owners can expect to receive all these services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We come to you in 15-20 minutes to help, anywhere in the city!

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We never get tired of their job. The job is fun and interesting but it can also be hard. Taking care of a lock is an art-form. We take our jobs very seriously. We are very dedicated to what we do and are willing to go above and beyond for our customers. Many people have relied on our locksmith to get them out of a sticky situation.

Stratford Locksmith is a local company offering fast service with a shop on wheels for your convenience. We service the area all 24/7.  Call us now for help!