Rekeying Locks Specialists in Kitchener

If you have ever owned a business and given employees access to keys to the building it is always a question of changing the locks whenever they quit or are let go. Sure, they might have given you their key back, but how do you know they haven’t made multiple copies of said key? Trained professionals from Rekeying Locks Kitchener are well-known and trusted with the most affordable rates charged for services rendered.

Often time businesses will resort to changing the locks on the whole building, which can get really expensive when you have lots of exterior doors. Depending on the type of locks you have on your business this price tag could potentially be hundreds of dollars, taking into account dead bolts and handle locks on each door.

Instead of replacing perfectly good locks, you might want to consider just re-keying each lock. For those not familiar with the practice of lock re-keying, it is simply a process by which you change the internal pins in the lock cylinder to be matched up to a differently cut key.

Each lock manufacturer sells re-key kits for all models of their locks. These kits can range from $25 dollars to over $100 dollars. You can find re-key kits that contain lots of replacement pins in the event that you have many locks of the same brand and plan to change the keying often.

The process of re-keying a lock is not quick and easy the first time you do it, but by no means is it impossible to understand. Once you have successfully completed your first lock re-key you should be able to get through the following locks much quicker and by doing so it will save you time and money.

One other option would be to hire a local locksmith to do your lock re-keying for you. They will obviously charge you for their service; however it will still be much cheaper than completely replacing all of your locks, not to mention a locksmith can re-key a lock much quicker than you can.

So, next time you need to update your locks at your home or business consider lock re-keying rather than complete lock replacement. This way you can use the money you saved to increase your businesses security in other areas.