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Locksmith Stratford is aware that everybody wants to have a home living area with high privacy and safety from any intruder. People always install lock on their door since this is the main entrance for home and Locksmith Stratford  is here to help everyone. Call Locksmith Stratford  for a fast and 24/7 help!

Locksmith Stratford

Locksmith Stratford

There are a lot of types of door lock that will fulfill different requirements. If you are about to install lock on your door, reading this article will increase your understanding about different types of lock. So, you can get a certain system that not only improves the safety, but also the beauty of your home.

You can find a lot of door locks to secure your home. It is available in wide variety of types from the simplest privacy lock to the most secure one. When you are going to choose a certain door lock, you should consider the security level offered and the cost that you need to afford. Expensive cost should be followed by good and qualified security level. Do not buy any expensive lock that offers beautiful design only.

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You can choose a certain type form many different door lock types available. The most common one is privacy lock. Since this type does not really provide good security level, you can use it for your interior such as bedroom or bathroom door. It comes with a lock button on the inside without key function from the inside.

The next type will be moderate security lock. By using this certain type of lock, you can lock and unlock the door from the inside with a turned or pressed button, and you can also lock and unlock it from the outside with the key. This is a customary door lock for exterior. If you want to get more safety, you can get deadbolt lock. This type works well in providing high security level in your home with a turning knob on the inside and also key for the outside. You can also find surface-mount deadbolt as another variant of deadbolt lock. It comes with a rectangular or sometimes D-shaped housing that is mounted on the back of your door.
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