Locksmith St.Catharines Supplies Home Lock

Locksmith St.Catharines Supplies Home Lock and also installs key-in-knob sets or lever sets, deadbolts, or peep holes. Locksmith St.Catharines Supplies Home Lock from simple ones to the most intricate master keying systems. Our team at Locksmith St.Catharines Supplies Home Lock has the hardware in stock available for same day service!

Locksmith St.Catharines Supplies Home Lock

Locksmith St.Catharines Supplies Home Lock

We can also unlock any residential door, install electronic key pads, door closures and can even custom create, by hand, one of a kind solid locks for wooden doors by our master craftsmen. Our residential locksmith will be happy to make any and all recommendations to improve your security. We see all sorts of break-ins, poorly installed hardware, and miss-matched hardware on houses around the city. We fix other people’s mistakes and do the job correctly the first time!

Our locksmiths are skilled and trained to suggest and install all sorts of hardware.  Most customers are unaware that we can offer so many services.  Of course, we can simply unlock your house but check out all the other services below!

Residential Locksmith Services provided around the clock:

  • Key-less Entry – Residential Deadbolt
  • New hardware installation
  • Lock repair
  • Door hinge replacement and repair
  • Custom build doors – Interior/Exterior
  • Storm doors – Interior/Exterior
  • Push /Pull plates
  • Kick plates on exterior doors
  • Door Knockers
  • Electronic push button deadbolts /doorknobs /lever locks
  • Peep holes /Electric video monitoring
  • Door Light Kits
  • High Security Deadbolts – Mul-T-Lock

Improve your residential security today, give us a call!

Keeping a spare house key is cheap and easy to do.  Our high-quality keys are cut on our precise key cutting machines.  All of our keys are guaranteed to work! We have key machines to duplicate keys, cut Mul-T-Lock keys, cut keys by code, cut laser keys for cars, and many more.

We carry decorative key blanks, key rings, and accessories for all your key needs! We have keys for the following:

  • safety deposit boxes
  • car keys
  • motorcycle keys
  • house keys
  • file cabinet keys
  • padlock keys
  • gas cap keys
  • safe keys
  • high security keys
  • tubular Keys

Over the years we have acquired thousands of types of keys to better serve you and they are always with us, in our mobile vans. Call Locksmith St.Catharines today for the best service around!