Locksmith St.Catharines Controls Locks

Locksmith St.Catharines Controls Locks by installing high security ones on your property, be it residential or commercial one. Locksmith St.Catharines Controls Locks can install a master lock, an exit device and even alarms and security cameras. Call our Locksmith St.Catharines Controls Locks services to have one of these devices installed on your property.

Locksmith St.Catharines Controls Locks

Locksmith St.Catharines Controls Locks

Master Key System: A master key system means there is a master key that can control all locks. Each lock has its own key and works independently, but still has a master above it, that can control several different keyed locks. For owners / managers and maintenance this is ideal, since you don’t have to carry a key ring with so many keys, we can configure a master key system that allows you to control an entire department, entire floor or even an entire building. No business is too small or too big to take advantage of the master key system, but it is ideal for offices, government, hospitals and schools.

Exit Devices: Besides lockouts, lock replacements, re-key and master key systems, our commercial locksmith team installs and services different locking devices and door closers. Most businesses and public areas require exit devices, also called push bars or panic bars, compliant with the fire department codes that allow easy exit from a building in case of an emergency.

High Security: High Security locks such as Medeco, Best, Mul-T-Lock are recommended for any business as they are much harder to temper with, in most schools, government and hospitals it is a standard.

Access Control: For businesses that wish to control employee access or monitor entry / exit, we can provide card readers, key fobs and even biometric locks that are activated with a fingerprint or voice commands.

Alarm Locks: We have electronic locks that are operated with a key-pad or key, and that we can connect to your alarm system that trigger it in case of a break in.

CCTV: Nowadays every business has cameras for security reasons, to monitor customers and monitor employees as well. If you don’t have such a system already, or want to install additional cameras, we’ll be glad to offer you a free estimate. CCTV cameras can record and store footage, and even stream live video feed to any remote computer, tablet or smartphone.

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