Locksmith Hamilton Re-Key Outdoor Locks

Locksmith Hamilton Re-Key Outdoor Locks locally licensed and insured locksmith professionals are at your service today and every day. Locksmith Hamilton Re-Key Outdoor Locks service will assist you in re-keying your home’s locks and in keeping your family safe. Together, we can ensure the safety and well-being of your home and family. Call Locksmith Hamilton Re-Key Outdoor Locks for assistance 24/7!

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Locksmith Hamilton Re-Key Outdoor Locks

Locksmith Hamilton Re-Key Outdoor Locks

We pride ourselves on making sure our locksmiths are trusted security professionals, because residential security is a serious matter.  Whether you are moving to a new home or have simply lost your keys, a re-key of all exterior locks can be invaluable.  We can eliminate most of those keys on your key ring.

If you have double sided deadbolts and want to switch to single sided for fire safety concerns, we have single sided deadbolts in stock that can be re-keyed to fit your existing key.  We know that no one wants to have more than one key to their house. Call us today for an estimate!  Discounts Available!

Are you a property manager with multiple tenants?  Would you like someone to simply re-key your locks after each person moves out?   We can do that and so much more!

We stock a full range of residential and commercial functional yet decorative locks.  Our locks are guaranteed to last and are always installed by a professionally trained locksmith. Call us to ask how we can meet your residential security needs in the area at an affordable price.

The locks we use are strong and made of steel.  There are some locks that contain plastic in the centre.  You will notice our locks are metal through the entire lock.  These locks are much more durable.  An intruder will have a much harder time breaking one of these locks.  This extra security is important when in an emergency situation.

These locks are great for the residential customer and they come in brass as well so they can match your existing locks no matter the colour.  Special colours like bronze available upon request! Call Locksmith Hamilton to install new locks or re-key the existing ones!