Locksmith Bradford Precision Door Lock

Locksmith Bradford Precision Door Lock service offers professional hardware installation, properly fit on any of the doors you have. Whether it be aluminium, steel or wood doors our Locksmith Bradford Precision Door Lock locksmiths have the experience and the best equipment available to tackle any installation, no matter how tough the challenge. You can call for our Locksmith Bradford Precision Door Lock installation, repair or re-key locks services, any time you need help. We are here 24/7!

Locksmith Bradford Precision Door Lock

Locksmith Bradford Precision Door Lock

We specialize in installing and repairing hardware on:

  • Aluminum doors
  • Steel doors
  • Woods Door
  • Residential doors
  • Commercial applications
  • Office furniture

We also provide precision made keys that work! Have you ever had a key made that did not work? Would you know why? Because it is all about accuracy. Our key making machines are professional quality and capable of tolerances to a one-thousandth of an inch accuracy. That is less than the thickness of a human hair! A key and lock are like parts in a machine that are made to fit each other. We carry:

  • Key blanks for duplication
  • Large key blank inventory
  • House key
  • Office key
  • Furniture keys
  • Safe deposit boxes keys
  • Trucks keys
  • Auto transponder “chip” keys
  • High security keys
  • Barrel keys
  • Flat steel keys
  • Motorcycle keys

We provide the following locksmith services:

  • Keys Replaced- Lost / missing / stolen
  • Locks without keys—not a problem
  • We “recreate” the lost key from your lock
  • Change the locks to work on different keys.
  • Broken Keys
  • We can usually duplicate your current broken key
  • Too worn to salvage by duplication? We measure the cuts and recreate a new key
  • Keys by Code

Manufacturer’s use code numbers as a reference to the keys actual cuts. We check the manufacturers chart to give us technical measurements to originate a working key. Our computer data base is linked to a special machine to create a genuine “factory fresh” key in very little time.

Whatever you need, as long as it is key and lock related, we do it! Our Locksmith Bradford mobile teams carry at all times all supplies and tools needed to help you instantly. Call us 24/7!