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Locksmith Ancaster Local

Locksmith Ancaster Local

Our team knows how important the safety of  your home to you and your family. We would like to help and show you some easy ways to keep you safe. Below are few of the home safety tips for you.

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Never leave your keys in sight, always keep them in a safe place and never in areas where visitors may arrive. In case of losing your keys, after having done a thorough search, change the lock. You should not let too much time pass by the time you leave your home alone; someone who is plundering homes can take advantage of this situation.

Make sure to have locks of brands known for their safety. Do not use cheap locks that can be opened with a couple of tools. Investigate which are the best brands in the market.

If you do not have an Anti-Bumping Lock, replace the lock immediately by one with the Anti-Bumping feature, or add one. The “Bumping Technique” consists of having a special master key; with points, notches or “teeth” that the thief inserts in the lock, and with a simple blow with a hammer of something heavy, move the internal springs of the locks causing it to open.  The most important thing is to do something as quick as possible.

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It is best to use 2 locking points, especially if the door is not so secure. When you leave home, never leave the key “hidden” under a carpet, pot or mailbox; thieves know these customs and will certainly look in those places.

If you are going to be away for a long period of time, for instance by vacation, do not tell people outside your family; and always leave someone in charge to come in to the house periodically to check that everything is fine. We can help you check how safe your house is, do not hesitate to call us

If you do not know which lock you have to buy, you can call our Locksmith Ancaster Local team; and a security expert of our staff will provide of the support you need according to your needs. Call us 24/7!