As a professional locksmith it is my job to break into houses, locked doors, containers and a range of unusual places. The main goal I have is to break in without doing any damage. It is very similar to what you would see in a James Bond movie, although I am no where near as fast and I seem to have a lot more issues arise along the way then you see in the movies. Still I have a fairly high success rate at picking locks and gaining entry without doing and damage or having any signs that the door was ever opened without a key.

The type of entry techniques I and other locksmiths use are the worst types of criminal entry techniques that you would want to happen without your knowledge. Having someone break into your home or business with no sign of forced entry poses all kinds of problems. The fact that someone can enter without a key and with little noise is scary enough but what happens when you make an insurance claim and can not explain how a burglar broke in to your home? An insurance company as well as police investigators would assume entry was made by someone with a key. Unfortunately police investigators are not as interested in break and enter techniques as you will see on CSI. Police do not have the time to investigate to that sort of level and even if they did, it would be very hard to conclude a break and enter technique.

So the answer is to buy and install more expensive locks? Well I would have to disagree with this to a point. Not too long ago I was called to gain entry into one of Australia’s most secure government buildings. It had some of the most expensive and well known brands of locks money could buy. The locks were for the most part unpickable, yet I broke in through multiple doors to the most secure security room and locked the doors again on the way out. The whole job took twenty minutes. The point is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on security is useless unless it can be tested. The most important question a locksmith Newmarket should be asked before he installs a lock is “How would you break in through this door?” Hopefully the locksmith will give you an honest answer, then you should decide weather to install the lock. Also be aware the answer might not be entirely truthful. A large locksmith firm in Brisbane has the policy never to pick a lock on a system they installed. They are not the only firm and it is common among locksmiths. This is mostly a marketing strategy to keep the illusion their locks are secure.

The biggest two things that should be checked to help ensure a lock cant be easily compromised are that the latch or bolt can not be manipulated from outside of the door and that the lock cant be easily picked or bumped using modern opening techniques.

Most locks and deadlatches use a latch with a deadlatching pin. The deadlatching pin usually does not enter the latch hole to ensure the latch can not be pushed open with a credit card or a screwdriver. The latch must be installed correctly with the correct gap between the latch and the door frame. Latches wear and doors drop over time, so it is important to have this checked as routine maintenance.

Lock cylinders should not be easy to pick or bump open. On the internet thieves can buy specialised lock picking tools and get information on how to make bump keys to open the most common locks on the Australian market. Most locks cylinders can be changed to make them pick resistant and bump key resistant. Cryption Keying Systems are one product used to add pick and bump key resistance to lock cylinders.

There are a whole range of other security flaws in particular locks you should be aware of before fitting them to your doors. A professional trade qualified locksmith should always be consulted for security advice.

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