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24 Hour Locksmith Kitchener Aid

24 Hour Locksmith Kitchener Aid

We all feel the need for security, especially in our own home. Many of us need reassurance that those who enter our homes are welcome. We can help with the security issues regarding your safety. Mortise door locks help secure your home from those that have bad intentions.

If you have never been the victim of a home invasion, the idea of such an event becomes far-fetched. Fact is, your home can be randomly hit. Or you could become a victim by surprising a burglar in the act. Most home invasions occur randomly. If entry is not gained in about ten seconds, the burglar will move on to the next available door and attempt to gain entry.

The mortise lock, is used almost exclusively on exterior doors. It will provide you with the best chance of protecting your home from a break-in. The dead bolt portion of the mortise lock slides into the mortise (chamber) hole.  It is received by the strike plate and enters the door frame – the actual point of locked engagement.

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Mortising (routing) out a portion of the door and frame can weaken the doors ability to take a hit. The mortise lock is  stronger than the cylindrical locking system. The mortise door locking system is made for entry on the outside. The inside has the typical latch mechanism for a quick and easy exit from your home’s interior.

Your doors and frames need to be strong. For best safety, all exterior doors need installation of a mortise lock. You can have stronger exterior wooden doors by adding a  steel strip at the frame of the door and at the locking area.

For the security of your loved ones and your home, you need to replace weak or older door locking mechanisms with reliable mortise door locks. If you are unsure about how to install the mortise door lock, you should consult with our professional locksmith. Attempting to replace your old locking system without the right training could cause you to ruin the door.

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